Terms and Conditions

1.    Agreement
i.      These terms, together with the proposal and related correspondence, shall constitute the entire agreement between Latimer Appleby Limited and the client.
ii.    Any alteration to these terms, or the proposal, must be agreed by Latimer Appleby Limited in writing.

2.    Proposals
i.       All proposals will remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

3.    Price of Services
i.      The price of the services shall be the fee stated in the proposal, or that subsequently given in writing.
ii.    Latimer Appleby Limited reserves the right, by giving notice to the client at any time before delivery of the services, to increase the price of the services to reflect any increase in cost to Latimer Appleby Limited, due to any factor beyond the control of Latimer Appleby Limited (such as, without limitation, any foreign exchange fluctuation, significant increase in the costs of labour, materials or other costs, changes in employment legislation or tax regulations), or to any change in delivery dates or specifications for the services requested by the client, or any delay caused by any instructions from the client or failure, of the client to give Latimer Appleby Limited adequate information or instructions.
iii.   The price for the services is exclusive of any applicable value added tax.

4.    Authorisation to proceed
i.      Prior to commencing any project, or piece of work, Latimer Appleby require, from the client, formal authorisation to proceed, which can be in the form of a purchase order, an email or a letter. If provided in the form of an email or letter, the authorisation to proceed must be signed by someone with the appropriate level of authority.

5.    Terms of Payment
i.      Our fees are typically payable in two stages, and in two equal amounts: the initial payment, which is due prior to commencement of fieldwork; and the final payment, which is due after submission of the initial findings report.
ii.    The initial payment, 50% of the fee, plus VAT, is due at least 7 calendar days prior to commencement of the fieldwork. For example, if fieldwork is due to start on 7 March, Latimer Appleby, must receive the initial payment on or before 1 March. If the initial payment is not received on, or before, the required date, the fieldwork will need to be rescheduled, and further costs may be incurred.
iii.   The final payment, 50% of the fee, plus VAT, is due within 28 calendar days after the initial findings report has been emailed to the client.
iv.   Any sums still outstanding 28 days from the invoice date may be liable to an interest charge equal to the Bank of England base rate plus 1.5%.
v.    Title to any work undertaken remains with Latimer Appleby Limited until payment of our invoice(s) is received in full.

6.    Cancellation
i.      If the client cancels the agreement at any time after Latimer Appleby Limited has received approval to proceed, the client shall be liable to pay Latimer Appleby Limited all costs incurred, both actual and committed, in connection with the agreement.

7.    Delay
i.      Latimer Appleby Limited will endeavour to complete any project in accordance with the estimated timings set out in the proposal and related correspondence; but the client agrees that Latimer Appleby Limited shall not be liable for any damage, loss or expense whatsoever arising out of any failure by the client to provide information or materials when requested or from any delay caused by factors outside the direct control of Latimer Appleby Limited: such as, and without limitation, postal or other communication delays, industrial disputes, fire or accident or natural catastrophe.

8.    Accuracy
i.      Latimer Appleby Limited shall endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the data collected. The client hereby acknowledges that the information contained in the services is derived from surveys, focus groups or depth interviews carried out in accordance with accepted market research practice. Latimer Appleby Limited does not accept responsibility for any damage, loss, or expense whatsoever arising from the use of, or reliance upon, research results and subsequent analysis.

9.    Test Materials
i.      Where the client provides products, samples or materials for use in connection with the services to be provided by Latimer Appleby Limited, the client agrees that the client shall be solely liable for any damage, loss, expense, injury or inconvenience caused by such products, samples or materials whether to Latimer Appleby Limited or any third party. Latimer Appleby Limited shall not be liable, in any circumstances, for the loss or damage to any such products, samples or materials.

10.  Copyright
i.      The copyright of the proposal and related correspondence belongs to Latimer Appleby Limited. The client agrees not to disclose the proposal and related correspondence to any third party.
ii.    The copyright of any document, or report, produced as part of the services shall belong to Latimer Appleby Limited. Latimer Appleby Limited hereby grants a perpetual licence to the client to utilise such documents for its own purposes. This licence is granted on condition that the client shall not disclose the findings of such documents to any third party (other than associated companies, professional advisors or other authorised parties) without the prior written consent of Latimer Appleby Limited. If Latimer Appleby Limited gives such consent then the client must acknowledge the company as the source of the information.

11.   Market Research Society Code of Conduct
i.      Latimer Appleby Limited agrees to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society.
ii.    Latimer Appleby Limited requires that all data, information and analysis provided to clients are used in accordance with Code of Conduct of the Market Research Society.

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