Telephone research

Telephone interviewing remains a quick and reliable method of conducting quality interviews.

For telephone market research projects we have a dedicated team of CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) trained researchers.

Using CATI systems means that the interviewer is left to focus on the interview itself as the routing is already taken care of. Data is entered directly into the system, which reduces some data processing stages and speeds up the whole project timescale. It remains a fast, cost effective method of data gathering.

The CATI unit manager has more than 20 years experience in this area and we have a dedicated team of CATI trained interviewers, all of whom have over 10 years experience in telephone research interviewing and who are fully trained to IQCS standards (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme). All interviewers are fully conversant with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct. Following training there is continuous monitoring and assessment of performance.

Interviewers access a telephone system which ensures that our Supervisors are able to silently monitor their calls as they log on to the CATI system via the internet, meaning that we are able to check that they are all working to their maximum ability.

Stringent methods of quality control are applied via silent monitoring and back checks. Quota control is easier than for face to face or self completion interviewing, and can be monitored moment by moment. We can combine telephone with online interviews and we also use online links for showing visual material during telephone interviews.

We have the ability to conduct thousands of telephone interviews per month whether these be consumer or business to business (B2B). Interviewers have the professionalism and skill to deal with a wide range of research topics. Whether talking to a senior executive in a blue chip company, or to a member of the general public, their communication skills and rapport remain consistent and effective.

Telephone interviews are conducted both throughout the UK and internationally – taking in to account varying time-zones, and ensuring our telephone unit is staffed at the appropriate times for every project.  We can cover most western European languages in addition to those from some African countries.

We can assist with questionnaire design and will set the questionnaire up on our CATI system and thoroughly test it for accuracy. Interviewers are fully briefed on every project undertaken. A project manager is always assigned to look after every project to ensure its smooth running and quality. We pride ourselves on giving you regular feedback throughout the project and raising any issues as soon as they occur, whilst working with you and providing suggestions to overcome these.

At the end of the project your data will always be checked and cleaned. Any open ended questions will be coded if required and we will deliver tabulations or raw data as per your specifications

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