Face to face market research

Face to face research is still the mainstay of the service we provide to our clients. This can be quantitative research, which comes in many forms such as:

  • On street interviewing
  • Exit surveys
  • Door to door interviewing

These approaches typically involve using a questionnaire to collect information from respondents.

We also offer a number of qualitative research techniques, including:

  • Focus groups or discussion groups
  • Depth interviewing
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Face to Face Research Expertise

For traditional face to face or off-line market research we work with a team of regional Supervisors. Each Supervisor has in excess of 20 years’ experience and expertise in managing researchers and interviewers in the field. As part of our quality control process, they may also undertake some of the work themselves.

Where appropriate each quantitative project may be assigned a Team Leader. This Team Leader will oversee the research team during the fieldwork phase. They will be in regular contact both with their regional Supervisor and the nominated Project Director at Latimer Appleby throughout the data collection process.

Each Supervisor manages a network of trained and trusted field researchers. Many of whom will have been recruited and trained personally by that same Supervisor.

All researchers work directly for Latimer Appleby for the duration of each project. All carry our ID cards and are paid directly by Latimer Appleby. We do not outsource to other research companies, which means that we are closer to the fieldwork and therefore can more effectively control all aspects of the project.

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