Identifying and Understanding Customer Needs with Customer Needs Research

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Meeting customer needs profitably is one of the very definitions of marketing. However the prerequisite to this is of course identifying and understanding exactly what your customers or prospective customers actually want.

Understanding customer needs, at a more detailed level than that provided by old maxims such as ‘value, quality and convenience’, is becoming a more sophisticated exercise as choice proliferates and society fragments. A challenge companies also face is how to calibrate those needs and understand the trade-offs consumers are willing to make amongst the different components, or elements, of a product or service. In short, what really matters to a customer versus what is simply nice to have.

Successful companies know their customers and their needs, and we help clients update and refine their understanding of their customers with our customer needs research solutions.


By using both quantitative and qualitative market research techniques we are able to help our clients to get closer to their customers. The quantitative market research techniques we use include face to face surveys, telephone surveys or online surveys; the qualitative market research techniques we use include face to face or online focus groups; or face to face or online depth interviews. Or, as we are a method neutral market research company, depending on the client’s needs, we could use a combination of market research techniques.

As market research consultants, we conduct consumer behaviour research and work with our clients to better understand their customers’ needs and by understanding consumer behaviour we can help our clients to develop marketing, service and product solutions which meet those needs. These techniques can of course be applied to all customer types across all industry sectors.

We provide market research services to clients all over the UK – in SussexSurrey, Kent. LondonManchesterLeeds and Birmingham.

Identifying and Understanding Customer Needs with Customer Needs Research

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