Customer Buyer Behaviour

An understanding of customers and their behaviour is a prerequisite to effective marketing. We help our clients gain a better understanding of what their customers, their prospective customers and their competitors’ customers both think and do.

Knowing why customers buy your particularly range of products or services is a necessary first step to understanding how you can to persuade them to keep buying from you and, perhaps, buy more from you. It is also an important means of determining how you can attract new buyers or prompt lapsed buyers to return to you.

Buyer behaviour, of course, also changes over time, both at an individual level and at a societal level. As we know, the internet has noticeably changed the way we buy products and services; not only in terms of physical delivery of the product but also how we choose the things we buy in the first place.

Often clients ask us to research customer buying behaviour on a regular basis, perhaps at six-monthly or twelve-monthly intervals, which helps them track shifting trends and, thereby, put them in a position to respond appropriately to any changes.

At Latimer Appleby, we use a range of market research methodologies to quantify customer buyer behaviour and, by using a range of qualitative market research techniques, we help our clients get behind these buyer behaviours. We provide market research services to clients all over the UK – in Sussex, LondonManchesterLeedsBirminghamSurrey and Kent.

A popular means of researching customer buyer behaviour is through an exit survey. An exit survey is conducted post purchase or even post non-purchase, and for face to face exit surveys these could be conducted in a shopping centre; in a high street; in a individual store or retail outlet; at a sports or entertainment venue; or at an exhibition. Two points are worth making: first, we would argue, it is as important to find out why individuals did not buy as to why they did buy; second, it is important to interview individuals as close to the buying or non-buying action as possible, as their recollection of their behaviours will be much clearer.

If appropriate, we are also able to dig deeper to understand the values, beliefs and motivations that underpin people’s attitudes and behaviours using Cultural Dynamics’ powerful values-based model – the Values Modes™(VMs).


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