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Brands are central to our concept of what marketing is. Increasingly the real value of a brand through brand consulting goes far beyond its sales revenues. Brands are launched, built and developed but none of this has any benefit unless it done is within a customer context.

Being seen as a trusted brand is the holy grail of every ethical business and organisation. If a brand is trusted, the benefits are significant, for example: long term customer loyalty; the ability to charge premium prices (or at least, not being forced to compete on price alone); customers more forgiving of occasional lapses in service quality (or, perhaps as we become more and more demanding, as consumers, that should read: more forgiving of very occasional lapses!); customers will be more open to trying new products and services; and customers are more likely to recommend you to others. In short, a trusted brand is a significant competitive asset to any business, and to large businesses, we would argue, a prerequisite to a securing a long and profitable future.

Brand awareness research identifies and measures how visible your brand is to your target consumers, if at all, and what they think about your brand: in short, your brand’s visibility and perception.

At Latimer Appleby, through our brand awareness research and consulting expertise, we help our clients to identify exactly what consumers really value in a brand and through a combination of different quantitative and qualitative market research techniques help them to measure and track their brand’s performance over time, or, of course, we may be asked to help them to build a successful new brand. The quantitative market research techniques we use could include face to face surveys, telephone surveys or online surveys; the qualitative market research techniques we use could include face to face or online focus groups; or face to face or online depth interviews. Or, as we are method neutral market research consultancy, depending on our client’s needs, we could use a combination of different market research techniques. We provide market research services to clients all over the UK – in Sussex, LondonManchesterLeedsBirminghamSurrey and Kent.

Measuring Brand Awareness Research

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