Advertising and Promotional Testing

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Both the effective and the efficient use of marketing expenditure has never been more important.

Advertising, particularly mass market TV advertising, can be very expensive to produce and to run. If the advertising does not work, for whatever reason, it can be a real disaster for the advertiser and agency alike. It makes sense, therefore, to test the concept or a range of concepts before committing to final production.

At Latimer Appleby, we provide our clients with objective and insightful feedback on creative concepts typically using qualitative research techniques, such as focus groups or depth interviews. A focus group would normally consist of six to ten participants and last between one and two hours; a depth interview is conducted on a one-to-one basis and would normally run for between 30 minutes and an hour. In both scenarios, the moderator or interviewer would be thoroughly briefed and work with a carefully designed discussion guide.

Participant recruitment, using a trained research recruiter, for both focus groups and depth interviews is normally matched to a prime customer segment, for example: heavy users, light users, lapsed users or nonusers. Also, group composition can be on the basis of any of the standard demographics, such as: age, gender, income or occupation. We are also able to recruit participants for focus groups or depth interviews on the basis of the values that underpin their attitudes and behaviours using the Values Modes™model, owned by Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing (CDSM). Using the responses to a short, but carefully designed questionnaire, individuals are placed in one of three groupings, namely: Pioneers, Prospectors or Settlers. Each grouping can be further subdivided into four groups which gives a total of twelve sub-groups also known as the Values Modes™ (VMs).

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Advertising and Promotional Testing

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