musicMagpie: customer experience update

I have previously blogged about my customer experience with musicMagpieand how their collection service had failed to such an extent that I had to find another way of getting our old DVDs to their warehouse.

On that occasion, musicMagpie were let down by a third party courier company. Well, since then, the news is mixed i.e. both good and not so good.

First, the good news.

Having finally managed to get my the DVDs to musicMagpie, they were as good as their word, and, in due course, I did indeed receive a cheque. Well done musicMagpie. All is forgiven: even if the prices you pay are quite low, you did what you said you would do.

And now, for the not so good news.

the musicMagie customer experience
Not a great experience

By changing the collection method from courier pick up to dropping off at my local shop, the system had failed to recognise that it was the same package. Despite having received payment from musicMagpie, their system still believes that the original transaction has not taken place. Accordingly, I am receiving emails from them with the subject line: ‘We haven’t received your items’.

I have already written once saying: ‘Oh yes, you have’; but to no avail.

Yet another email arrived today; but after umpteen attempts at trying to explain the situation, I’ve given up. All future emails from musicMagpie will find a warm welcome in my spam box!

We do like to try new services; musicMagpie is just one example. I think having experienced their service it is only fair that I should share both the good and bad aspects of that customer experience.

Whilst every business has its hiccups, how the business deals with its setbacks generally provides a good indicator to its likely long term success.

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