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Quantitative market research has always been the mainstay of what Latimer Appleby offers. From the smallest online research studies, through to on-street interviewing projects, right up to 2,000 sample telephone surveys we are able to tailor our approach to the needs of our different clients.

Quantitative market research is ideal for answering the ‘What?’, ‘Where?’, ‘When?’, ‘Which?’ and, to some extent, the ‘How?’ questions that brand and business owners face. This is particularly useful if you are looking to quantify answers or opinions. This research tends to give hard facts and figures which are often measured over time and allow for direct comparisons with different research studies.

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When to use Quantitative market research?

The types of marketing problems that may require a quantitative focus include anything that requires measurement, such as the following:

  • Advertising pre-testing
  • Communication effectiveness tracking
  • Retail/market sizing/auditing
  • Validating/ checking qualitative hypotheses
  • Quantifying target market/audience
  • Best by Test, product evaluations
  • Customer satisfaction

Within the broader methodology of Quantitative market research, we are able to offer Telephone research, Online research and Face-to-face research. Each has its own strengths and again our role at Latimer Appleby is to determine just which is the best type to use in any given situation.

If you are in doubt as to which approach to use, it is always best to start with the brief or ‘what you are looking to achieve from the research’ first, rather than be concerned about how you will obtain the insights you seek.

Our method neutral approach ensures we use the most effective and efficient type of research for each research project. We cover a range of industries and have experience within; shopping centres, medical and healthcare, schools, local government and more.

We work with clients across the UK, in and area the following areas; Sussex, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Kent and Surrey.



Who do you speak to when you do a survey?

This depends on the project itself. Sometimes we want existing users and sometimes we want to engage with non-users. Sometimes it will be heavy or frequent buyers, and on other occasions, we are interested in lapsed or infrequent users. Our skill is in determining the most efficient method of engaging with your target market – and it is this that helps determine which specific method or combination of methods we use.

Who do you use to conduct your survey work?

We have access to a network of experienced, trained market researchers. Our researchers know how and when to approach potential respondents and how to engage with them to generate unbiased responses.  These ‘people skills’ are gained over many years of working in market research, which is why we depend on experience, not just enthusiasm.

How do you determine the survey sample size?

This tends to be the function of budget and need. In very general terms the bigger the sample the better however we have to be realistic. We can use sample size calculators to determine the minimum sample size for a given confidence level, however, even then relatively small samples can still be valuable. In the absence of any other insights, even a 150-sample survey amongst your core target market is likely to be better than not engaging with any of them at all.

Much also depends on how much you want to break down the sample into different segments. As a rule of thumb having at least 100 respondents in each segment or cell provides a good basis for comparison, so if you wanted to examine differences between those aged 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and those 45 and over, you might aim for a sample of 400, ensuring that, in this example, you spoke to 100 in each of the four age cohorts.

Client testimonial

We used Latimer Appleby to launch a nationwide staff survey across all our colleges and head office. Considering that the survey was anonymous, detailed and in-depth, they managed the roll-out process perfectly. It went out on time and without any hitch. We were also impressed by the nature, detail and promptness of the results and their analyses. As a direct result of the survey, staff morale and performance has improved due to the actions we were able to take based on the evidence that Latimer Appleby supplied. Professional, courteous and more importantly, efficient and on-time. We will be using them next year too.

John Veale, School Director | British Study Centres

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