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We offer a web-based quantitative market research tool to provide rapid and low-cost solutions to your quantitative market research needs.

The use of online research to understand more about consumer behaviour has grown significantly in recent years in line with increasing access to the internet. When used properly, online research can be a relatively low cost, effective tool that your company can use to gather information about the market, your customers, and potential future business prospects.

Online surveys can of course be delivered to a range of different devices. It is relatively easy for anyone to use any of the free survey software tools to create their own research. Survey design, question wording, and routing within the questionnaire however are not always so easy to learn, whilst analysis and interpretation may also require some more detailed knowledge. That’s where we can help.

For online market research we manage web surveys in-house. Typically, this means working with our clients’ own existing email databases or, if appropriate, we also work with specialist web panel providers.

A web panel company can be particularly useful for clients who know the sorts of people that they want to engage with, but don’t actually have any of their contact details. For example, getting feedback to new ideas or concepts from particular demographic groups. Another example might be where clients want responses from a nationally representative sample. A panel company will be able to poll their database of people who have opted in to respond to them to achieve a match to the UK population, by age, gender and region. Just being able to do this quickly and cost effectively is one thing, being able to construct the right sorts of questions to generate valuable and useful insights is quite another, again that is where Latimer Appleby can help.



How quickly can you undertake a web survey?

As with all research, the priority is in good planning and preparation. Once the brief has been approved then a number of other actions need to take place, in terms of specifying the project in detail, allocation of resources, questionnaire design and build. Since in a web survey, or at least one delivered by email, there is no conventional fieldwork, the survey can be distributed quickly. The difficulty however may be in generating responses in a suitable timeframe. We would envisage at least one or possibly two reminder emails being sent out, however we might expect most of those who will respond to do so within 2 weeks of the initial mailing. Much of course depends on the length of survey, the content matter of the questionnaire and the relationship the respondent has with the product or brand already. All these factors will determine response rate achieved.

What sort of reports do you produce?

We have our own house style but, in many instances, we are asked to follow an existing format previously used by our clients. We can be quite flexible with the reporting style we use, Word documents in portrait format and PowerPoint documents in landscape format are typical. Again, these are things that tend to be agreed as part of the project brief however they can be changed as the project progress. We can make the data set available to our clients should this be required although all data must be anonymised and cannot be attributable.

Do you share any of your data or findings with other parties or agencies?

No, unless expressly requested to do so by our clients we do not share or pass any data or any of the findings of our research on to other parties.

Client testimonial

“The quantitative research conducted by Latimer Appleby provided us with a sound understanding of the needs, wants and expectations of our student body, which were vital for the development of our 2014-17 organisational strategy. I was impressed with the level of support and guidance provided by Latimer Appleby in the early stages of the project, particularly when I was unsure of the most appropriate methodology. The results of the survey were well presented, highly detailed and offered excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation to work with Latimer Appleby again on similar strategic projects or to recommend them to others.”

Hannah Wallington, Director of Marketing & Business Development | Kent Union

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