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At Latimer Appleby we know from our own experiences of being clients and budget holders, that it is critical that you feel completely comfortable working with us.

We know that our biggest competitor is actually not another market research agency or consultancy, but inertia. In other words, it is quite likely that you may decide not to commission any market research at all, if you are not completely confident in your prospective research provider.

For this reason, our approach is a 6-point commitment that outlines exactly how we will work with you:

  1. Process: We will be clear with you about how we work, and what sort of market research we will actually carry out. To that end, we have our own 8-stage process that we use for all our work.


  1. Input and resources: We will highlight what it is we expect you to provide us as part of the activity. This for instance, would include a briefing discussion or document, plus any other information that we will need to ensure the complete success of your particular market research project.


  1. Time frames: We will provide an initial estimate for how long the project will take from beginning to end, and also crucially, what demands will be made on your time.


  1. Pricing: We will provide you with an initial guide price, however we will firm this up once we have a more precise brief agreed with you. Once we have published that price then those fees will not change, unless we jointly make fundamental changes to the research brief or detailed market research specification.


  1. Data sources and respondents: We should be able to indicate to you how we will go about data collection, that is, the people we will speak to and the broad approach we will take in order to complete the fieldwork. We adhere to Market Research Society and GDPR guidelines, and we are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


  1. Output or deliverables: We will agree with you, the type and format of the output or findings derived from your research. For example, whether we provide you with a full report with charts and commentary, or simply the data tables or raw data set.


Ultimately, we want to remove any concerns that you might have about working with Latimer Appleby.

Our core values are PERSONAL, FLEXIBLE, DEPENDABLE, and that also means it is about making sure the market research is carried out as you would expect and you get all the outputs and actionable findings you need.

We want both the result of our research, as well as the experience of working with Latimer Appleby to be seen by you as either leading to, or being a better decision.

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