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Complementing our focus groups, we are also able to offer depth qualitative market research interviews. Again, we are able to recruit on the basis of both the usual behavioural criteria and using the Values Modes™ which help to explain some of the deep-seated motivations which lie behind particular customer behaviours.

Depth interviews might be described as one to one discussions or conversations. In a focus group, we would use a discussion guide, whilst in a depth interview, we would more likely use a simple questionnaire to help structure the interview. Questions are more likely to be open questions to elicit a more general response, rather than simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers or even simple one-word responses. Depth interviews might be more appropriate where we are dealing with the controversial subject matter, high confidential information or where very personal information is shared.   Depth interviews may also be more appropriate where we anticipate it will be very difficult to get a full group of people together in the same room at the same time for a focus group. Therefore, business to business research may call for depth interviews instead of focus groups.



Why would you use a depth interview rather than a focus group?

Depth interviews, like focus groups, are a type of qualitative research. These are largely designed to delve deeper into particular issues or to explore topics in greater depth. Sometimes we see qualitative as being about understanding some of the ‘whys’ that lie behind the behaviours we may measure in quantitative research. Depth interviews usually involve more of a scripted approach, perhaps with a structured questionnaire designed to collect answers to more open-ended questions.  Depth interviews may also be more appropriate where we are examining more sensitive topics or where personal information or attitudes may be shared or where responses need to be kept confidential from any other parties

Do you offer a field and tab service?

We provide both full-service market research consultancy services, where we manage the whole process end to end. We do also offer a field & tab service.  This is typically where we may be provided with an approved questionnaire which we then use to conduct the research fieldwork. In this type of project, we will provide our client with the full data set plus summary tables and, if required, cross-tabulations.  We will not provide a written report.  We also offer a flex-service where we can agree which parts of the survey are managed by us and which by the client or their other agencies.

How quickly can you process results and present findings?

A lot of market research today has reached a level of automation which removes a great deal of the data processing. Whilst the data collection, or fieldwork, cannot be so easily automated the data processing part can be.  Face to face surveys are collected via handheld computers and the data is consolidated in real-time. Similarly, computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) systems allow for quick data processing.  This means that within hours of the end of fieldwork we should be in a position to commence data-checking and verification, which itself may take another 24-36 hours. Thereafter we should be in a position to provide top-line findings, with a full report to follow in a matter of days.

What sort of reports do you produce?

We have our own house style but, in many instances, we are asked to follow an existing format previously used by our clients. We can be quite flexible with the reporting style we use, Word documents in portrait format and PowerPoint documents in landscape format are typical. Again, these are things that tend to be agreed as part of the project brief however they can be changed as the project progress. We can make the data set available to our clients should this be required although all data must be anonymised and cannot be attributable.

Client testimonial

When I decided we wanted to carry out some market research to better understand our customers, and their perception of Princes Mead Shopping Centre, we wanted a company that understood the shopping centre industry. It became obvious from the very first meeting we had with Latimer Appleby, they knew the industry and understood a shopping centre in a wider context. From day one Latimer Appleby provided a thoroughly professional service, that surpassed my expectations. The results from the research reaffirmed some information, but also gave us a better understanding of a lot more. We are now looking to carry out more research in probably two years time, to see how perceptions have changed and have we provided what our customers were looking for.

David Pickett, Centre Director | Princes Mead Shopping Centre

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