The value in feedback

It seems that many of the calls to my home phone number these days, and even to my mobile are either:

a) PPI claims. (Tip: I have no policies), OR

b) Accident claims. (Tip: I have not been involved in a road traffic accident that I have not claimed for), OR

c) “Microsoft” calling about a security danger to my PC. (Tip: we know Microsoft do not make random outbound calls to home users in the UK, so stop wasting my time).

So it was pleasing to get a ‘real’ call from one of the national tyre chains. This was a follow up to a visit I’d made to their local branch. Working in the research sector, as I do, I think it is important whenever I can to practice what I preach. Therefore on this occasion I was happy to respond.

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The person I spoke to was very pleasant and essentially really just wanted to get feedback on my visit. I’m slightly nervous about divulging too much information since the fear of that data being made available to other businesses. Ones that I may not want to interact with. But sometimes you’ve just got to go with it. Anyway I was quite positive in my responses since I’ve used the local branch on more than one occasion. Plus as far as I can tell, they seem to go a good job for me. As the call was about to finish I came up with a sort of Columbo moment:

“There’s just one more thing.” I said.

I then went on to briefly explain that I’d been charged a small amount for the disposal of my tyres, when in fact I was merely having the winter ones swapped over for the summers. This was in spite of making it clear to the guys in the shop that I’d be keeping my old tyres, which are in fact still in good condition. (So why would I be throwing them away?). Anyway my main error was in not checking the invoice correctly. However since the amount was not large I’d not been bothered to go back and quibble about it. So the caller said she’d note it down but really I didn’t think she would.

And so it was a nice surprise just the other day to receive a cheque in the post reimbursing me for the tyre disposal cost. This did two things:

  1. it confirmed that there is real value in giving feedback, and
  2. it makes me happy to endorse the company concerned – so thank you Kwik Fit.

Feedback or customer satisfaction research is still an important activity for all brands.






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