Black Friday, Cyber Monday: happy spending to all

The first day of December, is called by some the first day of winter. It is also very often Cyber Monday, coming as it does hot on the heels of Black Friday, which has been turned by some retailers into Black Friday Weekend. I get a feeling of ‘mission creep’ here with some uncertainly out […]

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Dealing direct and the traditional retail model

There was a time when the position of the retailer looked stronger than ever, some might say impregnable. Even with the huge impact of the internet on buying and selling it still seemed that the role of the retailer, as the final touch-point with the end user (a.k.a. the consumer) was guaranteed. One of the […]

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Service inconsistency

Sometimes it’s difficult to find things to write about, but when that happens I find the best thing to do is to leave the office. Something always happens when you leave the office… I recall one time I had a meeting to attend in North London. It makes no sense to drive and so the […]

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We’re mystery shoppers – gotcha!

I read a small piece recently in one of those management magazines that seem to pop through the letterbox each month. The article in question was a short item about mystery shopping, also known as mystery visiting. This particular piece described the role of the mystery shopper as “the art of uncovering bad service or […]

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Delivering happiness

How many times have you heard the words: “I’ll call you on Thursday”? Or how about “We’ll get back to you by the end of October”? Or even “Don’t worry, we’ll have sign-off on the 12th”? We’ve all experienced it and those of you with more experience will know that our capacity to misjudge timeframes […]

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