Online vs offline shopping, no contest

Shop local. Shop independent. I think many of us like to support our local shops by following those statements. Living on the edge of a small town, or some might say, large village – I’m certainly one of those. Over the years we’ve bought a car (albeit a used one) from a main dealer in […]

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Shopping behaviour – tell us something new

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed that we seem to have had an awful lot of TV programmes on the subject of shopping behaviour. I suppose after the deluge of cooking, property and antiques shows over the years the programmers had to look at what else appeals. Plus you can never go too wrong with […]

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A pint please…barman…hello?

Over recent years we have often heard of the decline of the British pub. Boozers everywhere have been hit terribly. It seems only to have accelerated further since the 2008 downturn. Although I have written about this phenomenon myself before it’s in the most recent months that I’ve been able to witness the decline of […]

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The irony of technology

I read an interesting article about some new sound technology which is on its way. Apparently this will allow people sitting in close proximity e.g. in a car, to listen to their own music ‘channel’. To some extent we already have this option – after all, if everyone listens to their own MP3 player through […]

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…In with the New Year resolutions

It’s at this time of the year, obviously, that we typically like to share our New Year resolutions with friends and colleagues. These typically involve either: a) giving something up (e.g. drinking booze, smoking, or eating pies) or b) starting something  (e.g. taking more exercise, eating more healthily, or perhaps learning a new language).   However this […]

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