When 42 is Just One Too Many

When the Beatles penned their classic A Day in The Life they used the famous line from a newspaper “4,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire”.  Were they writing today would they have found a place for “41 cafés in Totnes Devonshire”? In recent news this week it was revealed that a petition in Totnes had halted […]

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Data accuracy or Don’t let the facts ruin a story

I like newspapers.  I read them a lot, perhaps it’s because I spend up to two hours each day commuting.  Anyway, as an avid reader, I often enjoy stories for their facts.  Now my general knowledge is not bad, but a lot of time I read stores about things I don’t know anything about and […]

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Function vs. form: a timely debate on brand image

We are obsessed by time.  We measure it, we name it, we dream about travelling in it.  It is therefore not surprising that we wish to know what (time) it is, almost all of the time. Despite the fact that I am invariably never more than an arm’s length away from my smartphone, we all […]

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Me, I’m With the Brand – Brand Development

Isn’t it interesting, it seems you can’t get away from marketing. When I was growing up I was fairly clear that there was quite a gulf between the suited business world and the more, shall we say, laid-back world of rock & roll. In many ways the popular music of the 1960s and 70s seemed to be […]

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