Appropriate ways for communication?

Since I can still vividly remember a time before email, it is interesting to see how attitudes have changed about the different means of communication and at the same time how we actually try to communicate. Email seemed to be an answer to a lot of our prayers for a quick, efficient and, dare I […]

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As David Mitchell says in those radio ads for DIY is a great way to ruin a weekend so why not use three other letters – FSB, Find Someone Better? So what does DIY market research look like? It is an interesting idea because there are pitfalls in taking DIY into the office with […]

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Focus on the coffee

I read with interest how the two big coffee monsters of the UK high street are currently performing. And it was remarkable that whilst Costa appeared to be doing rather well (a little understatement there) its big American rival, Starbucks, appeared to be doing, how shall we say? “…Rather less well”.  Let’s see what the […]

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The Business of Sport: Sports Branding

In the same way that entertainment is big business so sport is really no longer just ‘sport’, it is just another type of business, by which I mean it is largely about the money. Only a few years ago it would have been quite a shock to see coverage of an NFL game in Marketing […]

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McDonald’s 2 Greggs 3: brand mix

Whilst out on a Saturday in a popular town centre in southern England I was struck by a case of what I thought was double vision.  No, not the 1970s song by Foreigner, of course not.  No, I thought I was seeing things. You see walking along the high street I passed the new EE […]

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