Productivity: Not busy, but being productive

Words are important, as a good friend of mine keeps reminding me, and for this reason using the right words in the right context is also important. So we give you productivity or ‘being productive’. I have a particular bone to pick with people who use the word ‘busy’. Busy is a word I hear […]

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Market research projects: In need of a little list

Don’t you just love a list? I do. For when you have too much to do, make a list. ¬†When you don’t know where to start, make a list. When all around you are losing their heads… make a list. This was a list I made some time ago which I am returning to now. […]

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Technology branding – all so fruity

Branding and technology, what is it about those two ideas? Things that we live with everyday, things that are so hi tech (the popular myth goes that there is more computing power in a typical smart phone today than was available in Apollo 11 when it landed on the moon) that, despite all this cutting […]

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Branding and the shopping centre

The topic of branding is emotive and, when it comes to shopping centre branding, complex. A shopping centre, at its simplest, is a building or a designated space housing a number of tenants’ brands a.k.a. shops, restaurants, coffee shops etc. An individual shopping centre acts, in a sense, as a ‘house for retailer brands’; however, […]

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Hats off to Primark

The latest retail figures show that once again, in a high street full of woe, one store group in particular manages to make the best of the current market conditions, albeit without a transactional web site. That store is Primark. When other stores are struggling what does Primark have that we all seem to (at […]

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