The value in feedback

It seems that many of the calls to my home phone number these days, and even to my mobile are either: a) PPI claims (top tip: I have no policies), OR b) Accident claims (top tip: I have not been involved in a road traffic accident that I have not claimed for), OR c) “Microsoft” […]

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The productivity problem?

A few years ago someone I know was working in a business that was looking to better understand social media. The company in question brought in a young, tech-savvy social media guru. He explained his philosophy and suggested that the company really immerse itself into social media. All employees should be spending an hour or […]

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Research – It’s all about the evidence

It seems such a shame, but so often nowadays we have little opportunity to really get into the detail of things. We’re all in such a rush to ‘do things’ that we never seem to stop to look before we leap. This thought struck me the other day when I had the chance to have […]

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Loyalty is a concept we’re all familiar with and it is something we might set as a goal in our business plans. But to what extent is brand loyalty a reality and how much a myth? Recently someone I know who is in the home maintenance business remarked: ‘There is no loyalty in the services […]

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Frustrations of an M&S shopper

Okay it’s time for a confession: “Yes, my name is Paul, and I’m an M&S shopper.” “Nooo, but why would you do that?” I can hear some of you cry. Well, encouraged by a very fleeting visit to their re-vamped Brighton store, which actually looks rather good, I was tempted by a number of ‘20% off’ […]

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