Research – It’s all about the evidence

It seems such a shame, but so often nowadays we have little opportunity to really get into the detail of things. We’re all in such a rush to ‘do things’ that we never seem to stop to look before we leap. This thought struck me the other day when I had the chance to have […]

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Loyalty is a concept we’re all familiar with and it is something we might set as a goal in our business plans. But to what extent is brand loyalty a reality and how much a myth? Recently someone I know who is in the home maintenance business remarked: ‘There is no loyalty in the services […]

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Existing customers, not wanted?

You know that old chestnut about how it costs five times/six times/ten times* as much to recruit a new customer as it does to retain an existing customer. Of course everyone has heard it, but how many companies really understand it? It came to my mind recently as I attempted to contact our energy supplier. […]

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Independents and customer service

Not for the first time I’ve tried to support our local independent retailers, but unfortunately not for the first time they’ve come up short. The task in hand was to buy a new mattress. Now thinking about it, it’s not the sort of thing you buy every day, is it? One in-store poster suggested we […]

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Out of the loop

Following on from our previous post about going on holiday… By coincidence, only a few days later, another client contact in another business informed me they were leaving their current role. Again, wasn’t this just the polite, helpful and a logical thing to do? But from recent experience it seems that this also a pretty […]

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