Out of the loop

Following on from our previous post about going on holiday…

By coincidence, only a few days later, another client contact in another business informed me they were leaving their current role.

Again, wasn’t this just the polite, helpful and a logical thing to do? But from recent experience it seems that this also a pretty rare piece of communication. Once more we seem to keep that sort of information quiet, or is it just forgetfulness? Typically we wait until we’ve landed our new role and nowadays, of course rather than telling people one by one, we update our LinkedIn profile.




The funniest example of this was a few years ago now when one of my clients retired – without telling us. We’d been working on quite a large research project for her, something we did every year but all the same was quite important for her brand. Planning was well underway and our work was about to take place when I put in a quick phone call to her office and was informed that she had retired from the business. Clearly we were out of the loop.

My hypotheses were either:

1. “She had been asked to leave very quickly”. This seemed unlikely she didn’t seem like the sort of person who might have perpetrated a major white-collar crime; OR

2. “She had completely forgotten that she was about to retire”.  This also seemed somewhat unlikely, after all it’s not the sort of thing that slips your mind, is it? OR

3. “She just didn’t care enough about her own role or her brand to share her retirement with others”

I might be wrong, but my hunch is number 3. It’s a little bit selfish really, which is a shame because her role impacted so many more people than just her.

Or is it a bit like taking holidays, you know, we don’t want people to feel jealous when we may have possibly moved to a better job or in this person’s case where they didn’t even have to turn up for work anymore?

A final point to make. On the plus side at least we didn’t need to chip in on her retirement gift!


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