Left hand, right hand: communication breakdown

I’m sure many of us have worked in organisations, often larger ones, where we feared that the “left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing” – in other words we suspected some form of communication breakdown. Perhaps it was only a hunch, but I can assure you it can be real as this example shows.

By way of background, our fixed rate mortgage was coming to an end in the summer. So being keen to sort this out early I started correspondence with our existing lender some months ahead of the end date. Just to ensure things could go as smoothly as possible…

Anyone re-mortgaging in recent years will know how things have changed since the whole financial meltdown, and how the process is so much more complex. Knowing this in advance I decided to stick with my existing lender figuring it would be easier for all concerned to switch from one fix to another. It was certainly not a simple process and some of the information requested seemed slightly odd – such as needing to provide evidence of residence – remember this is to the same organisation that we’d been paying close to £1,000 per month for almost 5 years. So let’s call that £60,000 in relation to our place of residence, and they still need proof of where we live!

We had several short telephone calls, one extended (that is a two-hour call), and received various offer letters and requests for more financial details, including that need to prove where we live.

Left or right on hands


So it was slightly odd/worrying/amusing* later when we received a letter from the same organisation advising us that our fixed rate mortgage was due to come to an end in August of that year (err yes, we knew). And, should we wish to discuss our future mortgage needs with them, they would be pleased to help us (hang on, we thought we and they had been doing that anyway).

The new fixed rate was a good one but the question was should we be slightly concerned about an organisation where clearly the left hand really did not know what the right hand is doing?

*delete as appropriate

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