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Market Research Consultancy: Research Methods

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Latimer Appleby use a ‘method neutral’ approach to their market research consultancy. This means that we use the most appropriate method(s) for each project. This can mean using a single methodology or multiple methods.


Off-line research

For traditional off-line research we work with a team of fourteen regional Supervisors.

Each Supervisor has in excess of 15 years experience and expertise in managing researchers and interviewers in the field. As part of our quality control process, they may undertake some of the work themselves.

Where appropriate each project is assigned a Team Leader. This Team Leader will oversee the research team during the fieldwork phase. They will be in regular contact both with their regional Supervisor and the nominated Project Director at Latimer Appleby throughout the data collection process.

Each Supervisor manages a network of trained and trusted field researchers. Many of whom will have been recruited and trained personally by that same Supervisor.

All researchers work directly for Latimer Appleby for the duration of each project. All carry our ID cards and are paid directly by Latimer Appleby. We do not outsource to other research companies, which means that we are closer to the fieldwork and, therefore, can effectively control all aspects of the project.


Telephone research

For telephone projects we have a dedicated team of CATI trained researchers. This means that the interviewer is left to focus on the interview itself as the routing is already taken care of. Data is entered directly into the system, which reduces some data processing stages and speeds up the whole project timescale. It remains a fast, cost effective method of data gathering. Interviewers access a telephone system which ensures our Supervisor is able to silently monitor their call as they log on to the CATI system via the internet. This means that we are able to check that they are all working to their maximum ability. Interviewers undergo a full day’s in-house training to IQCS standards (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme). All are fully conversant with the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct. Following training there is continuous monitoring and assessment of performance.


Online research

For online research we manage web surveys in house or, if appropriate, we work with specialist web panel providers.

If you are an experienced researcher interested in working for Latimer Appleby please email us at with:

  • Your name.
  • Your home address.
  • Your mobile number.
  • Your experience since 1 January 2011 e.g. face to face, telephone, focus group recruitment and depth interview recruitment. Please provide project details to include client, consultancy/agency and dates.

We will pass your details to the relevant regional Supervisor who will contact you should they believe that you have relevant skills and experience.

Why consider us?

  • Personal: we are hands on, and take a detailed interest in every client.
  • Flexible: we are 'method neutral', and find the best approach to meet your business
  • Dependable: you can count on us to deliver to time, to budget and, crucially, to specification.