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Customer Satisfaction Research

Our own research confirms time and time again that the quality of customer service outweighs almost any other issue in today’s marketplace. For this reason many organisations build their businesses around the service they deliver and it has become their key competitive advantage.

Achieving consistently high customer satisfaction scores is an excellent indicator of a company’s long term viability and profitability. Although the goal is clear, to achieve long term levels of high customer satisfaction, the first step is to quantify current levels of customer satisfaction broken down by customer segments. The second step is to identify the specific improvements that would lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. The third step is to measure changes in customer satisfaction levels, as a result of the specific improvements that were implemented, which will quantify the benefits of those changes.

Ideally, thereafter, it becomes a recurring process of: measure customer satisfaction, improve the service (based on customer feedback), measure customer satisfaction, improve the service and so on.

By regularly conducting customer satisfaction research, in an intelligent and actionable manner, and regularly communicating survey results throughout the organisation, and eliciting clear and active CEO endorsement, the ‘customer satisfaction is really important’ message will permeate throughout the company. In short, customer satisfaction research is a catalyst to help everyone improve standards, levels of service, and, ultimately, profitability.

The important elements of any customer satisfaction research survey include: key performance indicator definition, creation of customer segments (which may be as simple as, heavy user, medium user or low user), questionnaire design, selecting the most appropriate data (customer responses) gathering method, analysing the data and identifying actionable outcomes.

As market research consultants, we are able to create bespoke customer satisfaction market research, including mystery shopping programmes, for effectively measuring customer satisfaction and tracking on-going customer satisfaction for all types of organisations.


Customer Satisfaction Research

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