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Under promise, over deliver

April 26, 2017

We’re all familiar with the phrase: under promise, over deliver. But how many of us are able to effectively put it into practice? If someone says they’ll “come back to you by the end of the week”, you’ll be lucky to hear from them before the end of the following week. Unfortunately nowadays we expect […]

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Loyalty schemes back on the agenda?

March 23, 2017

By now most of us will be familiar with the various store loyalty schemes. I’m thinking here about the likes of Tesco Clubcard, Marks and Spencer’s Sparks and Nectar, to mention just three of the biggies. Some of us may even be active users of such schemes. Loyalty schemes are of course quite an old […]

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Productivity and the internet

January 18, 2017

Today many of us seem to have integrated our lives with the internet. And for many it’s about providing greater productivity. Whether it’s using email, Googling things, finding a mate or just checking sports results we can’t seem to be without it. Many hobbies and interests now also utilise the incredible power of the web […]

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M&S – the listening store

May 31, 2016

M&S was back in the news recently, it’s the retailer with the story that keeps on running. Not for the first time M&S is the subject of this blog, but sadly the story doesn’t ever seem to change. In the latest in our saga we have the new Chief Executive, Steve Rowe outlining – in […]

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Stop buying our brand

April 25, 2016

An interesting story emerged the other day. Mars, the major food manufacturer announced that people should limit their consumption of certain of their branded food products. We cannot imagine the debates that must have been taking place ahead of the announcement internally at Mars. Can you picture the scene as the brand manager (or similar) […]

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The value in feedback

April 15, 2016

It seems that many of the calls to my home phone number these days, and even to my mobile are either: a) PPI claims (top tip: I have no policies), OR b) Accident claims (top tip: I have not been involved in a road traffic accident that I have not claimed for), OR c) “Microsoft” […]

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