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Market Research Consultancy: Research Applications

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Advertising and promotional testing

Both the effective and the efficient use of marketing expenditure has never been more important.

Advertising, particularly mass market TV advertising, can be very expensive to produce and to run. If the advertising does not work, for whatever reason, it can be a real disaster for the advertiser and agency alike. It makes sense, therefore, to test the concept or a range of concepts before committing to final production.

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Customer buyer behaviour

An understanding of customers and their behaviour is a prerequisite to effective marketing. We help our clients gain a better understanding of what their customers, their prospective customers and their competitors’ customers both think and do.

We use a range of research methodologies to quantify customer buying behaviour and by using a range of qualitative research techniques we help our clients get behind these buying behaviours. We are able to dig deeper to understand the values, beliefs and motivations that underpin people’s attitudes and behaviours using CDMS’s powerful values-based model – the Values Modes™.

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The old maxim that what gets measured, gets done perhaps has one of its best applications in the area of key performance indicators.

At Latimer Appleby we are able to call upon benchmark and tracking studies. For example, for shopping centre clients we use a methodology for measuring shopper behaviour, which is a series of industry averages originally developed by Business Blueprints. This allows us to provide unique assessments of a centre’s performance against measures such as the proportion of shoppers spending on a given trip, average shopper spend, total time spent shopping, as well as in the centre itself.  We also quantify the number of visits to that centre as well as similar averages for party size, advertising awareness and promotional recall.

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Brand awareness

Brands are central to our concept of what marketing is. Increasingly the real value of a brand through brand consulting goes far beyond its sales revenues. Brands are launched, built and developed but none of this has any benefit unless it done is within a customer context.

Through our brand awareness research and consulting expertise, we help our clients to identify exactly what consumers really value in a brand and through a combination of different quantitative and qualitative research techniques help them to measure and track their brand’s performance over time or indeed help build a successful new brand.

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Identifying and understanding customer needs

Meeting customer needs profitably is one of the very definitions of marketing. However the prerequisite to this is of course identifying and understanding exactly what your customers or prospective customers actually want.

By using both quantitative and qualitative research techniques we are able to help our clients to get closer to their customers. Latimer Appleby conduct consumer behaviour research and work with our clients to better understand their customers’ needs and by understanding the consumer behaviour we can help our clients to develop marketing and product solutions that will meet those needs. These techniques can be applied to multiple industry sectors.

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Customer satisfaction

Our own research confirms time and time again that the quality of customer service outweighs almost any other issue in today’s marketplace. For this reason many organisations build their businesses around the service they deliver and it has become their key competitive advantage.

At Latimer Appleby we are able to create bespoke customer satisfaction market research, including mystery shopping programmes, for effectively measuring customer satisfaction and tracking on-going customer satisfaction for all types of organisations. This will help to improve standards, levels of service, and profitability.

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Values based market segmentation

Whilst customer market segmentation systems are widespread, many fall down in that they are based around the behaviours of existing customers rather than the market as a whole. Behavioural market segmentation models are also flawed in that behaviours change rapidly and these systems fail to explain the motivations that drive the behaviours.

At Latimer Appleby we use a market segmentation research and analysis tool, which puts people’s values, beliefs and motivations at the heart of the market segmentation model. By overlaying  the Values Modes™ we gain an in depth understanding of the beliefs and motivations which help explain why people behave as they do.

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