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About us

Latimer Appleby is a market research consultancy whose clients operate across a wide range of sectors, but share one thing in common: they want to understand people to a more profound level. We work with naturally inquisitive organisations who measure their success by providing a great experience to clients, customers and employees.

Through the use of well tested market research techniques, Latimer Appleby helps organisations to identify and comprehend the needs, preferences, behaviours and motivations of their target audiences. We do this by providing answers to business and operational questions, acquiring accurate facts quickly and effectively, using the most appropriate means available. Through expert analysis, insight and understanding we present tangible and actionable findings to our clients.

Latimer Appleby will help you gain extremely valuable knowledge and insight about your target audiences which will enable you to confidently refine your approach, boost satisfaction, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

We have market research expertise hardened in the business world. We understand, from first-hand experience, the pressures and opportunities faced by clients and that is why you will always be our first priority.

We care about all the work we to do from finalising the brief, collecting the raw data, analysing the findings through to presenting our final conclusions.

To us, the hard numbers do matter, as do the emotional insights, but we believe it is the way in which we combine the two that differentiates Latimer Appleby.

Why consider us?

  • Personal: we are hands on, and take a detailed interest in every client.
  • Flexible: we are 'method neutral', and find the best approach to meet your business needs.
  • Dependable: you can count on us to deliver to time, to budget and, crucially, to specification.